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Questions & answers

  1. When I have installed the Citrix Plug-in I am getting a window "Program Neighborhood Agent" about an incorrect URL.

    To solve this issue, just remove the Citrix Agent automatic launch from your Windows Start > All Programs / Startup sub menu.
  2. I am experiencing a connection issue.

    The Oracle RDC eCRF software uses Citrix Internet Explorer plug-in on port 443 (HTTPS).
    Citrix Servers are located at IQVIA with URL:
    https://csg1.qstr.quintiles.com/Citrix/MetaFrame/auth/login.aspx with IP address: eCRF database still remain in IQVIA.

  3. I am having site qualification issues with my Macintosh Computer.

    First you need to install the Macintosh Citrix plug-in software, then follow the step-by-step PDF procedure below to  install the certificate file on your Macintosh. Certificate file is also available below.

  4. I am facing access issues using JReview

    Quintiles is providing a JReview Connectivity guide to help JReview users connecting to the Quintiles JReview platform. Downlonad links is bellow, followed by potential requested java certificate file.

    Download the JReview connectivity guide here.

  5. I have questions on JReview usage

    Download the JReview User documentation from this link.

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